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Alevicyn™ is now LEVICYN™
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The fast prescription solution

 — Fast Relief 3 Ways

Whether for the fast relief of itch and pain or for the cleansing of broken skin, LEVICYNTM has a fast solution.

  • LEVICYNTM Antipruritic Spray Gel and LEVICYNTM Antipruritic Gel offer fast relief of atopic dermatitis pain and itch
  • LEVICYNTM Antimicrobial Dermal Spray cleans and removes foreign materials
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What is hypochlorous acid?

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a compound that is produced naturally by the immune system, particularly neutrophils, to eradicate microorganisms.1

Atopic Dermatitis Significantly Affects
Patients’ Lives and Those Around Them2

63% of people with atopic dermatitis rate their itching as very or extremely bothersome.

The Itch-Scratch Cycle

The Itch-Scratch cycle plays a key role in atopic dermatitis.3,4
Itching and scratching are two of the most frustrating symptoms of atopic dermatitis.5

The Itch-Scratch Cycle in Atopic Dermatitis3,4

The Itch/Scratch cycle begins with the sensation of itch.
The sensation may be due to a combination of skin barrier
and immune system dysfunction, as well as the release of
toxins by opportunistic bacteria on the skin, such as S. aureus.

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